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If you wanted to experience India, not just always tick hill stations or sea beaches. A spiritual and ancient heritage happening is awaiting in year 2013 in the form of Maha Kumbh Mela at Allahabad. This well designed place of worship is a architecture curious mix of various cultures which is well appointed for this Mela there’s enough to satiate body, mind and soul. Come and enjoy the complete handshake with Mother Nature. Allahabad provides the “absolute” relaxation, one requires-whether it’s some history for the mind, faith for the soul or nature for the body.

kumbh Mela in 2013

In Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 find its aesthetic expression in the sacred rivers of Allahabad. The city of Allahabad boasts of an aristocratic history, replete with ancient temples which are abode of Gods, tremendous faith, satiates the soul.

In 2013 from 27th January to 25th February the Purna Kumbh Mela to be held in Allahabad which occurs after every 12 years.

This is time to go back and trace the significance and origin of the beginning of Kumbh Mela. The exact era is not known but certain things register in the famous seventh century Chinese traveller Hiuen-Tsang diary. According to ancient text written in bygone era it was mentioned that when Devtas (God) and Asurs (Demons) use to reside on Mother Earth one curse was on Devtas (Gods) as a result of which they always in state of high fear and that made them fragile and coward. After watching the plight of Gods the Brahma (creator of universe) suggested them to churn the milky ocean to obtain the nectar.

 kumbh Mela Trip to IndiaThe realistic fact of About Kumbh Mela is theThe Mountain of Mandara worked as the rod for churning and Vasuki (king of serpents) used as a rope for churning. Devtas (Gods) requested Asurs (Demons) to co-opearte them in this uphill task and share the nectar equally. For around 1000 years they churned the ocean.When the process of churning ended, Dhanwantari having Kumbh in his hands. Safely Amrita (elixir of immortality) was handed over to Gods Brahaspati, Surya, Shani and Chandra. When Demons (Asurs) heard about the hidden conspiracy, they turned violent and aggressive and attacked Gods.

Devtas were very much aware that demons possessed much power as compared to them and they can be easily defeated hence they ran away with the Kumbh to hide it away.This tug of war continued for 12 days and 12 nights and the Gods were chased. These 12 days of Gods were equivalent to 12 years of humans. During this chase for the elixir of immortality the drops from Kumbh fell at four places – Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. That is why Kumbh Mela and Arda Kumbh Mela use to take place at these places.

Allahabad Hotels

For the accommodation purpose tourist and pilgrims who use to come to attend this Mela and other religious activities many good standard hotels in Allahabad combines character with history.Some of famous hotels are Hotel JK Palace, Hotel Milan Palace, Hotel Yatrik and Grand Continental. Allahabad hotels provide all basic options requirement. The multi-cultured Allahabad offers various tours and packages for all type of occasion. You pick the best deals and enjoy this holy city and rivers.

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