Leh Ladakh Refreshing ancient land of Monasteries

12 Oct

The Leh Ladakh is a traveler- adventure friendly astonishing picturesquely enveloped land surrounded by the snow-capped summits of the mighty Himalaya range. There is no lurking, no strained glimpses through shaded shrubbery. The town all out there in the open, crossing your path with is dominated by its imposing 17th-century royal palace, which overlooks the town’s labyrinth of winding lanes and colorful bazaars. Leh is also is a popular jumping-off point for exploring Ladakh’s smaller towns, Buddhist monasteries, and trekking trails.

Monasteries in lehIt is under the spectacularly coloured canvas of mighty mountains that the Leh Ladakh really pretties up. This place famous for its Leh monasteries is haloed with an indescribable shade of aquamarine that bleeds into a deep, strong blue. It’s the sort of picture-postcard scenery that makes Photoshop look lame.

Inevitably, tourism is the prime industry in Leh Ladakh. This is a destination that offers a unique balance of experience that caters to both family as well as the individual adventurer. Leh Ladakh has very much benefited tremendously from tourism. So many opportunities have opened for Leh Ladakh tours. Whenever holiday approaches introduce yourself and others to the wilder, adventurer zone of this mountain cold desert. Follow nature trails, go rafting, kayaking, trekking, try an yak safari,biking. Breathe in the air scented with the fragrance of the spirituality and atmospheric gompas. And let the mountains work its magic over you.

Leh ladakh tour india

A Leh Ladakh tour package comes in many flavors. It offers yoga, meditation classes and massages which relaxes after long treks in the hills. Also known for its Buddhist monasteries (gompas).The focal point of Leh monasteries is known as du- khang, or prayer hall, where all monks get together for the morning prayers which means respect and recitals from the Buddhist sutras. The walls of these monasteries are covered by vivid multi colour murals or called thangkas (cloth painting) of bodhisattvas (enlightened beings).Monasteries are open from sunrise to sunset.The right time to visit Gompa is while morning puja is going on. The first prayer starts around 7 am and monks and attendants come around with salted butter tea.

Famous Leh Monasteries are Namgyal Tsemo Gompa a frivolous climb this 1430 year built gompa. Sankar Gompa is in the snarling streets behind the Women’s Alliance. It is looking after by Gelukpa monks. Chowkhang Gompa and many more.

IJ Dream Vacation helps you to experience this intimate adventure tour of Leh Ladakh monasteries a blissfully tranquil place never seen before.

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