Sarnath – Sacred Place Replete with Amazing Edifices

16 Aug

Sarnath is the the deer park where Gautama Buddha first taught the dharma and where the Buddhist sangha came into existence through the enlightenment of Koddana. Sarnath is 13 km north – east of Varanasi. The word Sarnath is derived from the word Saranganath which means “Lord of deer”. Isipatana is one of the four places of Buddhist pilgrimage, which his (Gautama Buddha’s) devotee followers should visit.Sarnath VaranasiHistory

Buddhists word wide look India as the land of the Buddha. A visit to this country means a visit to pilgrimage. After the Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya he came to sarnath. On the day before his death Buddha included Sarnath along with Lumbini, Bodh Gaya and Kushinagar as the four places. The Emperor Ashoka was the one, who spread the Buddha’s message of love and compassion throughout his vast empire. He visited Sarnath in around 234 BC, and erected a stupa here. Several Buddhist structures were raised at Sarnath between the 3rd century BC and the 11th century AD. Sarnath is 10 km from the holy city of Varanasi, and is an exceedingly tranquil place. The ruins, the museum and temple are all within walking distance.

Sarnath Museum VaranasiSarnath Museum

Sarnath has a rich collection of sculptures comprising of numerous Buddha and Bodhisattva images. It is considered amongst the finest specimens of Buddhist art, these have been housed at the museum, adjacent to the site. Dharmarajika Stupa, magnificent Lion capital, India’s National Emblem at Sarnath museum is the other tourist attractions.

Chaukhandi Stupa SarnathChaukhandi Stupa

CHAUKHANDI STUPA is the first monument. One encounters with it as one enters Sanath. It is built by the Emperor Ashoka. DHAMEK STUPA is the most remarkable structure at Sarnath, it is the cylindrical Stupa of 28 mtr in diameter at the base and 43.6 mts in height. The stone facing the lower part is adorned with delicate floral carvings of Gupta origin.

Sarnath Buddha Statue VaranasiHow to Reach
Distance between Delhi and Sarnath is 804 kilometres.

The nearest airport is Babatpur 30 kms away from the city.

Sarnath is directly connected to Varanasi and other cities.

Sarnath 10 km from Varanasi is well connected by road.

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