Seasonal Set Up Royal Safari Camp for Yearly Pushkar Fair

11 Oct
Seasonal Set Up Royal Safari Camp for Yearly Pushkar Fair

Planning to catch the excitement and beauty of the holy city Pushkar and the great Pushkar Fair then simply opt for the luxurious and comfortable Royal Safari Camp! The Royal Safari Camp is certainly the one stop destination for the pilgrims in Pushkar. The sacred town of Pushkar is one of the most visited pilgrimages for Hindus. The beautiful city is located just 11 kms to the North West of Ajmer.

Pushkar Royal Safari Camp

The charming and majestic beauty of this lakeside holy city is simply outstanding. The magnificent glory of the holy town had even captured the imagination of great poet KAlidasas, as the city has been mentioned in his eternal classic Abhigyan Shakuntalam. The greatness of this holy place can be also be determined, as it has found place in two of the greatest epics of Hindus, Mahabharta and Ramayana.

Bed in Royal Safari Camp

In the hindu month of Kattik, i..e October/November, the grand Pushkar Fair takes places every year. It is celebrated after ten days of Diwali, The Festival of Lights. The stunning Pushkar Fair also known as Cattle Fair is celebrated with huge funfare. To catch the excitement, people from nearby places as well as from all across the country arrive at Pushkar Hotels, Tents and Campsites got accommodated full to their capacity.

Pushkar Fair 2013

To get the real feel of Pushkar Fair, you must go for the enthralling stay at the Royal Safari Camp Pushkar which enclosed amidst sand dunes and beautiful flowers. Local villagers take care of the ground and use it as the old farming nourishes and beautifies the environment. On the new year eve, the luxurious Royal Safari camp also arranges exciting tented accommodations in Jaisalmer.

Luxury Royal Safari in Pushkar

Stay at Royal Safari Camp will be memorable as the camp is well equipped with all the excitements and facilities. For instance, you can enjoy some of the fine dining which is located in the mid of the camp. The grand ambience of the camp is set with light muslin curtains offering multicuisine food and lip smacking breakfast and lunches. For the entertainment of the guests, internationally acclaimed Rajasthani artists are invited.

Royal Safari Camp  Dinning Hall

The stylish Royal Safari Camp features 20 comfortable air conditioned and 80 non AC tents. With modern and smart look, the camp is certainly best places to stay for. So what are you waiting for, make your stay a lifetime experience by planning for Royal Safari Camp!

Contact for Reservation – & 09810893332

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