Time to Investigate The Ancient Legacy Ajanta Ellora Cave

18 Oct

Ajanta Ellora caves are the Buddhist pilgrim caves and are highly visited by the Buddhists from round the globe throughout the year. The site of Ajanta Ellora is listed under the UNESCO world heritage site. The caves of Ajanta Ellora are situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.


Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves

Ajanta caves are situated in the Ajintha village of Jalgaon city in Maharashtra. Ajanta consists of 29 different rocky caves which are famous for its Buddhist carvings and paintings. One can learn more about the culture & rich heritage of Buddhism through the depicted art work on the pillars & walls in the cave.

Saptakunda or Waghora waterfall near the Ajanta caves also attracts the tourists who are visiting Maharashtra. These waterfalls are on the other side of the mountain, from where the panoramic view of Ajanta caves is visible. There is a place called view point, which is 13Km before the parking of the caves. It is favorite place of the photographers. This place was discovered by John Smith in 1819.

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves   India
Ellora Caves is famous for its 34 caves inside. The caves in Ellora represent all the Indian religions like Hinduism, Jainism & Buddhism. It is one of the most incredible historic caves in India. The caves are preserved by the ministry of tourism of Mumbai. It is also treated as a major picnic spot in Maharashtra near Mumbai. Kailasa Temple near the cave is the major tourist attraction. Visitors come here from different parts of the world to spend a day between these caves of Ajanta Ellora. All the 34 temples & monasteries, since AD 600 to 1000 are listed under the UNESCO world heritage site.

Ajanta is 462Km from Mumbai, where as Ellora is 360Km from Mumbai. Both are easily accessible by road, rail and air. Aurangabad Railway station is the closest railway station for the destinations. The city has its own airport also.

Elephanta Cave Mumbai

Elephanta Cave
It is one of the famous rock-cut-temples of India. Elephanta caves are situated on an island. The temple inside is to lord Shiva and one has to board a boat to reach the cave from the city of Mumbai.

Indian music & dance events
Unlike other spiritual and holy places of India, music & dance festivals are also organized in the Ajanta Ellora caves for its visitors.

Ajanta Ellora Caves TourBest time to visit
Winter is the most preferred season to visit the Ajanta Ellora caves. November – February and the middle of March are also the suitable months to visit.

Contact for Tour Packages- 01204556565 & 09810893332

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