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Kodaikanal Hills – Glorious wildlife sanctuary in South India


Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station, which is situated on the Pilani Hills. Kodaikanal is 120Km away from Madurai.

Palani Hills Conservation has kept 1046Km square area as the wildlife sanctuary. Kodai sanctuary is also called Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and national park.



Kodaikanal experiences 11 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius in summers and 8 degree Celsius to 17 degree Celsius in winters.

Wildlife  With Elephants

Monsoon enters the hill station in the months between October & November.

The best time to visit this hill station is between the months of April to June.


Tourist Attractions

As Kodaikanal is one of the major hill stations in Tamil Nadu, it is highly visited by the travelers from round the globe.

 Wildlife Sanctuary

This hill station provides many tourist attractions like:

  • Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
  • Bryant Park
  • Berijam Lake
  • Green Valley View
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Kodai Lake
  • Silent Valley View
  • Dolphin’s Nose

 Kodaikanal Wildlife

Kodaikanal also offers the cycle on rent to the tourists, one can take round of lake on cycle and as well as on a horse.

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Retrace Valmiki National Park India’s Eco Tourism Place

Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) is one of the major wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is located in west Champaran district of Bihar in India. The large forest area of Valmiki Nagar was owned by Ramanagar Raj & Bettiah Raj in early 1950’s. The forest covers the area of 900 square kilometers.

Valmiki Tiger  BiharFauna
Various species of mammals, reptiles, birds and butterflies etc are found in VTR.

Mammals like tiger, Rhinoceros, black bear, leopard, wild dog, boar, wild buffalo, barking deer, hog deer, spotted deer, blue bull, hyena, and flying squirrel can be found in VTR.

Elepjant Bath Valmiki

Reptiles which can be commonly seen in VTR are python, cobra, krait, sand boa, crocodiles, monitor and wild lizard etc.

Approx around 241 species of birds are found in VTR, for example purple wood pigeon, grey shrike, fly catcher, green willow warbler, emerald dove etc.

Birds in Valmiki National Park Butterflies
VTR offers a great variety of butterflies which can be found and photographed. Butterflies like common mormon, great mormon, glassy tiger and great laggfly etc are found here.

There are 7 kinds of forests which can be found in VTR

Bhabar – Dun Sal Forest

Dry Siwalik Sal Forest

West Gangetic Moist mixed Deciduous Forest

Khair – Sissoo Forest

Cane brakes

Eastern wet Alluvial Grassland

Barringtonia Swamp Forest

Valmiki Tiger India

Current Affair in VTR

According to the reports, tiger population has doubled in Valmiki Tiger Reserve. As of now, a few months ago, three cubs were born to a tigress.

Santosh Tiwari The field director of Valmiki Tiger Reserve in West Champaran district has said that “they have counted 22 tigers in the reserve at present on the basis of camera trap census. Mr. Tiwari included that the number of tiger was only 10 till 2010. In last three years, the population of tigers has jumped like never before in the 899 sq km reserve. Mr. Tiwari said the improvement in the condition of grasslands, spread over 450 hectares, and is an ideal habitat for the big cats for the last few years. This tiger reserve is situated nearly 200 km away from Patna”.

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